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Kari Z.
I have to tell you that I absolutely love your salon.   Everybody there makes me feel welcome and everyone I have ever brought in loves it too. I am so glad I switched over!

T.  Anderson
“In one hour Brooke did more for me than physical therapy in two months.”

Kristie B.
“I will be coming to visit you at least once a month.  I moved to Toledo, Ohio- but I think you provide such good service that it’s worth the drive.”

R. S.
“Just wanted to drop a quick line regarding my massage therapy the other day. I came in specifically to get my psoas worked on per a doctors recommendation and online research so it wasn’t a “feel good” type of massage. I’m in fairly good shape and have been dealing with lower back/hip pain for almost 2 years now. I was seen on Tuesday and when I rolled over and out of bed on Wednesday it was the first time I was able to do so without wincing in pain for as long as I can remember, so you definitely did something right! My discomfort has been greatly reduced already.  I will be calling to schedule another appointment soon!”

Sandra Stephey
“Lauren was absolutely perfect!  I have already booked another appointment with her in two weeks and shared my wonderful experience with others. I feel like I was “treated” instead of rushed through the process.  She was very caring offering suggestions and explained often what muscle my pain appeared to be coming from. I have had many massages from Woodhouse Day Spa, Erika’s Day Spa, Mark of Distinction and Massage Envy and she was one of the best I have experienced.  The surgery that I had in 2013 has left me dealing with a lot of pain.  My experience was a 5 star experience! Also, the place was clean and very welcoming.  I have shared my experience with several people.”

Marla Neff
“I love the infrared wraps! They really work!! They are great for my Fibromyalgia and helped get rid of the 30lbs I gained when we moved to Fort Wayne. Ice cream was my new best friend for a while!”

Sharon Imler-Doster
“JC gave me a wonderful healing massage today…different than any massage I have ever had. It truly felt healing. Thank you JC!”

Patti Simcoe
“Great experience!  The massage was amazing from beginning to end!  Returning next week!”

Rachel Rayburn
“Had an appointment with JC today. One of the best massages of my life! And I’ve had many all over the world. Can’t wait to see him next month!”

Patricia Christie
“Lee worked wonders on my hip and leg. Muscles hip down were seized up in knots that almost immobilized me at times. After he addressed each muscle group and I followed up with stretches, I can walk again symptom free! I feel 46 again!”

Roberta Parkison
“Had an awesome couples massage on Valentines Day! Everything was so professional and relaxing. Can’t wait for our next one!”

Sofia Rosales-Scatena
“Love this place!”

Jaime Paul Herman
“I had my first prenatal massage last Friday and it was amazing! Definitely doing again soon!”

Sandra K. Robbins
“I am sooo glad that Lauren works at Vital Living! Great place, wonderful massages!”

Janet Tucker Westendorf
Just came home from massage with Lauren. It was wonderful.

Tony Hinrichs
“this place is the best! i would highly recommend it to all couples!”
Heather Hinrichs Carpenter
I agree!”

Deborah J Parquette
“Love the wrap!”

Leslie Remenschneider
“Relaxing, very professional, Vital Living has an astonishing variety of therapists that work with a wide range of problems: tension, rehab after surgery, weight loss, etc. It’s always been relaxing; I need a taxi to get home after a session!”

Sara Kruger-Geyman
“I have been a regular for years!  They are more than a ‘spa’ (though they do that too); they are experts in therapy.  Injuries, chronic stuff, or just needing a relaxation massage, VLW is the place.”

William Critz
“Great people, great massage.  I left my watch and they offered to mail it to me.   My car wouldn’t start and they gave me a jump.”

Dennis Campbell
“If you are looking for a great spa you really need to visit Vital Living Wellness Spa. The staff are excellent, friendly and knowledgeable.  Great people and great spa.”

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