90-Minute Therapeutic Massage ($5 OFF + Gratuity) at Vital Living WellSpa

90-Minute Therapeutic Massage ($5 OFF + Gratuity)


June Special Offer!
Excellent for a Gift or Self-Care!

Summer is busy!  Stress Less, Celebrate More!  Leave the details to us.

Includes: One (1) 90-minute Therapeutic Massage + Gratuity

Ideal as an All-Inclusive Gift for a Loved One, Co-Worker or Friend.  Excellent for Self-Care

Father's Day  We all have Dads and important men in our lives that have offered support to us through our years.  Show them how important they are and the special place they hold in our hearts by supporting their much-needed self-care!

Birthdays & Anniversaries  Celebrate another year older and wiser! 

Self-Care & Appreciation  Fortify yourself and someone you care about this summer!

 Graduations, Retirements, & More!  

Vital Living would be honored for your loved ones to join us and look forward to taking care of them.  Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful June, filled with Joy, Love & Laughter. 

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