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Green Tea Citrus Cleanser


  • This product is suitable for all skin types and is a healthy skin must have!
  • Safe to use morning and night on face, neck and chest.


This 15% Vitamin C cleanser reduces wrinkle depth, brightens and tones the tissue, repairs collagen, provides natural antioxidant protection and stimulates collagen production.  With ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Grapefruit Peel Oil you can purify and restore environmentally challenged skin while improving clarity and tone.

VITAMIN C – Incredible Anti-Aging Benefits

It is no secret that vitamin C has some incredible anti-aging benefits. Here are a few reasons why everyone can benefit from including vitamin C in your daily skincare routine:

1) Reduces wrinkle depth and repairs collagen:  As you age, collagen breaks down and wrinkles begin to form. Stabilizing your skin’s levels of vitamin C can help to counteract wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production.

2) Brightens and tones tissue:  Age spots are essentially sun damage, and Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells as well as reverse age-related damage to skin. While it’s not a replacement for sunscreen, Vitamin C protects against and may repair UV damage like discoloration and fine lines.

3) Anti-Aging: Taking Vitamin C through a supplement or food is beneficial to your health, but to specifically target signs of aging on your face, topical Vitamin C is best.  In fact, applying Vitamin C to the skin can be 20 times more effective than taking it orally.

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