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New Clients - $10 off 1st service of 1 hour or more (*Some Exclusions Apply*) You can now use your HSA and FSA Cards !

60-minute sessions $ 99 single  |  $85 1st time wrap with consultation
Save With Our Packages of 3, 6, & 10 - Prices Available Upon Request

BRING Wrap Clothing: sweatshirt and sweatpants preferred over lightweight clothing. No jeans or metal on your clothing.

Far Infrared is an invisible spectrum of light. Rather than see it, you feel it as heat; deep penetrating light/heat. The Infrared BodyWrap is effective for losing inches and weight but also effective for numerous other body issues.

Therapeutic Benefits Have Been Reported For:

  • Muscle pain and spasm
  • Low back pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Neck/shoulder pain
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Stretch mark and scar reduction
  • Athletic recovery/sports injury
  • Arthritis pain and joint stiffness
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Post pregnancy recovery
  • Skin rejuvenation and improved elasticity (tightens loose skin)
  • Body detoxification—eliminates heavy metals & toxic chemicals
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Traditional exercise impossible?

Infrared BodyWraps provide a passive cardiovascular conditioning effect to burn fat, lose inches, tone muscle and relieve pain.

Be slim!

What to Expect

You’re wrapped right over your clothes so bring a long sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt & sweat pants (heavier material, not thin; no jeans or metal). For women the silicone pads are wrapped around the thighs, hips and abdomen. When requested, the chest/breast area may be wrapped as an alternative to breast reduction surgery. For men — thighs, abdomen and chest. Sweating is a therapeutic part of the session. Each wrap lasts for 60 minutes while you relax on a spa table and watch your favorite popular TV sitcom.

“I love the Infrared BodyWraps! I changed my diet to a healthy eating lifestyle & I started getting the wraps regularly. In 9 months I lost 72 lbs & 7 sizes! I have a lot more energy, I feel better about myself & my back pain is gone. Last year I needed wheelchair assistance to make my connecting flights in Atlanta. I couldn’t stand longer than 10 minutes at a time due to low back & sciatic pain let alone walk a long distance. This year I’ve been working 5 hours at a time on my landscape at home! What a difference! I’m proof positive that the Infrared BodyWraps do work. I also find the wraps are a tremendous stress reliever (relaxing plus free attitude adjustment!). Not only do they benefit me but everyone around me!” J.C.

Infrared—The Real Deal!

You’ve tried working out and eating better but yet you still have that hard dense fat in your trouble areas. Why? Over time, your body has become a sugar burner rather than a fat burner. Increasingly sugar gets stored as fat. Cold fat lacks circulation. No nutrients in, toxins can’t get out! And it’s known that many toxins are present in fat. As fatty deposits accumulate so does inflammation and pain. The Infrared BodyWrap develops micro-vascular circulation (new blood vessels) into these areas to increase your metabolism. The infrared light/heat softens the fat allowing it to be metabolized and utilized as energy.

Target your body's trouble areas

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Hips & Thighs
  • Arms

The weight is finally over!
Lose inches + Increase energy +
Relieve pain + Detoxify + Sculpt

What is Infrared Light?

Far-Infrared Light is beyond the visible spectrum and is perceived as heat. This radiant heat is the same frequency level as your own body heat and energy system. Because of this, it allows uniform deep heat penetration that isn’t possible with other methods. It’s highly effective as a source of healing and is healthy, natural and safe for all living things.Heating pads warm surface tissue but FarInfrared LIGHT penetrates the body’s tissues up to a depth of 2 ½ - 3 inches and close to 93% of the infrared waves are able to be absorbed and utilized to produce changes in the tissue and promote healing. Far-Infrared heat by nature is as effective for pain relief as it is for weight loss, inch loss and detoxification.

Formostar - Infrared Body Melt Gel.
Enhancement gel, accelerated by FIR heat to reduce cellulite while hydrating skin cells and increasing elasticity.


  • DO NOT tan or use topical analgesics with Capsaicin or Menthol on your skin the same day your receive an Infrared BodyWrap
  • Pregnancy
  • Implanted Pacemaker
  • Constricted Coronary Blood Vessels
  • Diabetes Requiring Insulin
  • Hemophilia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney Disease or Failure
  • MRSA or Open Wounds
  • Skin Diseases
  • Contact Allergies
  • Fever
  • Severe General Infection
  • Acute Joint Injury (48 hrs)

In a documented clinical study, the far-infrared body wrap treatment resulted in significant weight reduction and substantial improvement in joint mobility and pain relief.

What Does it Do?

  • The Infrared Body Wrap can burn from 900-2400 calories per wrap, depending upon your metabolism. Your metabolism will increase with consistent use.
  • Promotes micro-vascular circulation (new blood vessels) to ischemic or restricted areas for increased circulation, detoxification, fat burning and healing.
  • Breaks down cellulite and burns stored fat into useable energy.
  • Softens restricted fascia and fibrotic areas - scar tissue, stretch marks and adhesions.
  • Detoxifies. Researchers have identified conventional perspiration as 95-97% water. Sweat using the Formostar Infrared BodyWrap contains fat soluble toxins such as heavy metals of mercury and aluminum, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and cholesterol.
  • Enhances body sculpting and muscle tone.
  • Improves elasticity and tightens loose skin.
  • Reduces inflammation, promotes tissue regeneration and faster healing.
  • Pain relief—eases or eliminates muscle and joint discomfort.
  • Stress relieving and energizing.
  • Promotes relaxation and improves sleep.
  • Provides a passive cardiovascular conditioning effect.
  • Skin Rejuvenation — restores skin to a more youthful appearance.

Infrared BodyWraps – Frequently Asked Questions

A: Far Infrared, aka FIR or Infrared, is a part of the natural light spectrum just beyond visible light. You cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but you can feel it in the form of radiant heat. One way you experience this type of energy is as warmth from the sun but don’t confuse Infrared light/heat with ultraviolet light (UV) which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. Infrared heat is within the same frequency as your own body heat. It is healthy, natural and a safe therapy for all living things. Infrared light allows uniform deep heat penetration that is highly effective as a source of healing. Infrared energy is measured in wavelengths called microns. Treatment has been designed to output energy in the 5.6 to 25 micron FIR band, peaking around the 9.4-micron level to achieve maximum effectiveness.

A: When Infrared energy penetrates through the skin it transforms from light energy to heat energy which promotes a passive cardiovascular conditioning effect. It even makes it possible for people who are unable to exercise traditionally due to pain or disabilities to lose weight, tone and condition. It increases metabolism and burns stored fat and cellulite into usable energy. Some of the other physiological benefits of Infrared Wraps are:

  • Increases micro-vascular circulation which increases the delivery of oxygen-rich nutrients in the blood to your body’s soft tissues and improves the elimination of cellular waste products (detoxifies).
  • Elevates the temperature of the subcutaneous layers making it possible to break down cellulite and soften fibrotic areas (adhesions). The increased micro-vascular circulation helps to maintain blood flow to these otherwise ischemic/restricted areas for increased circulation, metabolism and healing.
  • Increases metabolism, burns calories and detoxifies resulting in losing inches and weight loss.
  • Dissolves cellulite, improves body sculpting and muscle tone.
  • Reduces inflammation, promotes pain relief, regeneration and faster healing.
  • Increases energy.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Enhances white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response.
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation.

A: Proprietary high density silicone pads are used to wrap targeted problem areas while you lay fully clothed in cotton, workout-type attire. You cannot be wrapped over bare skin. Heavier clothing is better than thinner type clothing. Sweat pants and a long sleeved T-shirt are ideal. Avoid metal zippers etc. The wrapping process takes only 5 minutes. While wrapped, Infrared heat penetrates down to the bone and radiates outward to heat ligaments, joints and muscles while reaching toxins and cellulite that are trapped in pockets below the skin. You relax while burning 900-1500 calories with each session providing body shaping, pain relief and detoxification. For your convenience, a Fresh Ease is provided to freshen up after your session.

A: You’ll be wrapped for a full 60 minutes. You’ll need time to change before and after so plan on at least 75 minutes

A: With the 3 high density silicone pads, there are several options available. For most women the silicone pads are wrapped around the thighs, hips and abdomen. When requested, the chest area are can be wrapped as an alternative to breast reduction surgery. For men, the usual configuration is thighs, abdomen and chest. The arms or calves may also be wrapped if toning or treatment is needed in these areas. The heat to each of the pads is individually controlled, therefore the level can be set according to your comfort level or if a particular area is being targeted.

A: The answer greatly depends on the physiological make-up of each individual. Generally, the greater the excess weight being carried, the faster and more dramatic the reshaping results will be. Some people will not experience significant weight loss at all but will see improved body shaping, losing inches or dress sizes. Extremely physically fit people who don’t carry excess weight or inches can experience much improved muscle tone and body sculpting. Obviously, the more physically active a person is, the greater the benefits that can be achieved from Infrared Treatments. Common sense dictates that if a client is on an Infrared Body Wrap program and then eats or drinks excessively most of the results will be negated. Ideally,Infrared treatment will be of most value with a balanced exercise and eating program. People who lead a very sedentary lifestyle can still achieve results over a longer period assuming that they exercise adequate control over dietary and other general health factors.

A: This will depend upon your lifestyle. If you are very physically active undertaking significant walking, jogging, working out, or competitive sports, then Infrared Body Wraps can be scheduled as often as every other day or (3) three times per week. If you are relatively inactive physically, a minimum of 3 days between sessions or twice a week is recommended to allow the body to more thoroughly detoxify between sessions. Closer appointments are unnecessary because the increase in metabolism continues for an average of 48-72 hours after a body wrap. Upon reaching your intended body shape, a maintenance schedule, which for most people, would be around 2 to 4 times a month is ideal. It helps maintain fat burning, stress relief, increased energy and detoxification.

A: Virtually everyone from all walks of life can benefit from an Infrared Body Wrap program. Significant health issues that would contraindicate the use of this treatment would include: pregnancy, hemophilia, hyperactive thyroid gland, cardiac infarction (heart attack), cardiac weakness, constriction of the coronary blood vessels, marked high or low blood pressure, diabetes requiring insulin treatment, kidney disease, fever, severe general infection, contact allergies, skin diseases, open wounds, prescribed medications causing increased sensitivity to physical stimulation (for example antibiotics) and severe varicose veins. As always, if any doubt exists, it is recommended that you seek your doctor’s or health practitioner’s advice.

A: It is recommended that drinking water before and after a session allows the body to stay hydrated and replaces body fluids that have been sweated out during the session.

A: Of course any diet and lifestyle improvement will be of benefit whether or not people decide to undertake an Infrared BodyWrap program. However, you have made the commitment to the Infrared body treatment program, then more value will be derived from that commitment if other lifestyle improvements are also undertaken.

Caloric Burning Equivalents per 60-minute Session:

  • Infrared Body Wrap 1,200 +
  • Swimming 600
  • Jogging 600
  • Tennis 530
  • Cycling (10 mph) 450
  • Walking (3.5 mph) 900
  • Racquetball 1,020
  • Marathon Running 1,186
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