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The iTera Care device combines Terahertz Wave Energy with Scalar Wave and Optical Quartz technology. Terahertz Wave Energy resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second thus activating healthy & dormant cells, while eliminating unhealthy cells & free radicals. Scalar Wave Energy energizes cells, balances bodily systems, strengthens the body, produces healing energy and penetrates deeper into the vital organs. Optical Quartz amplifies the energy generated by the device, creating a more powerful result (mimics 1/40 of sunlight's UV energy). This strengthens auric fields in the body.


What is Terahertz?

IteraCare Lightwave Cell Therapy treatments include the following benefits and more!


Increase self-healing

* Terahertz frequency has the same resonance with normal cells * It induces and strengthens the DNA organic molecules whereby it enhances Self-repairing body cells

Eliminating unhealthy cells

* Terahertz frequency energy is the same as our normal cells * Absorption of the frequency/energy can eliminate abnormal or mutated cells

  • Clear meridian and lymph

    * Unblock meridians * Stimulate acupuncture points * Purify blood and increase metabolism rate

  • Activate inert cells

    * Normal cells will absorb Terahertz energy and moderately increase in temperature and dormant cells will be activated

  • Reduces inflammation

    * Relieves aches and pains * Decreases fluid retention/swelling

  • Improve microcirculation

    * Terahertz frequency dilates blood vessels * Reduces blood flow viscosity * Improves microcirculation

  • Circulation

    * Improves enterohepatic circulation and detoxification * Promotes healthy lymph and blood circulation  * Improves blood vessel integrity and resistance

  • Regulating Glands

    * Promotes healthy endocrine/glandular function

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