Massage Clinic MONTHLY SPECIALS - Fit3D 360-Degree Body Composition Scan (25% OFF) at Vital Living Integrative WellSpa

Fit3D 360-Degree Body Composition Scan (25% OFF)


Don't Just Feel Results -- See Them!

Presenting the Industry Leader in 3D Body Composition Scanning

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Visually Track Your Progress with Our New Fit3D BodyScan!

Wellness Metrics  |  Body Composition  |  Posture  |  Balance  |  Measurements

Includes One (1) Fit3D 360-Degree Body Composition Scan

40% OFF until 1/31  - Vouchers valid for TWELVE (12) Months. Limit 5 per Person.

  • The Fit3D was seen on The Biggest Loser and Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. Each 40-second Fit3D scan provides a detailed three-dimensional image of the body, with:
  • Hundreds of measurements
  • Body composition by algorithm (Not DXA Scan)
  • Body shape wellness scoring
  • Four-point weight scale
  • Cloud reporting platform
  • Custom-fit marketplace


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