2021 Readers' Choice Challenge!

Written by Stephanie Florin


#1)  Click the three (3) categories below to create an account and start voting!
Remember: You can vote every 24 hours

#2)  Keep track of how many times you vote for Vital Living WellSpa.
If you have multiple family members voting, keep track of their votes separately based on email address.

#3)  Email Us the number of votes you (or family members) cast.
Please email your weekly totals to info@vlmassage.com

Our Challenges run from Tuesday to Monday:

7/20 - 7/26    |    Submit your totals by end of 7/27

7/27 - 8/2    |    Submit your totals by end of 8/3

If submitting for multiple people, please include their email addresses along with the number of votes submitted for the week.  We will be offering something special to our top supporters.  Vital Living will only use emails given for correspondence.  No other emails will be kept on file. Vital Living does not sell emails for marketing purposes.

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Thank you SO much for taking the time to VOTE! 


 In Joy & Gratitude,

-Vital Living WellSpa


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