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Our VL Mission

By providing innovative resources with an evidence-based, heart-centered approach, we are able to fill the needs gap in Self-Care and empower others to embody vibrance, vitality & resilience.  Our goal is the raise the standard for holistic wellness and inspire the world and its people to lead more healthy, fulfilling lives by embracing pillars of Self-Care:  Beauty, Goodness, Gratitude, Joy, & Healing

Welcome to Vital living

Celebrating 30+ Years of Integrative Stress Relief!

We are here to help you take care of your body and restore your energy, joy, mobility & vitality!

At Vital Living you'll discover highly experienced professionals offering a myriad of holistic services, including:

Integrative Wellness Services
Integrative Nutrition & Health Coaching
Body Slimming, Contouring & Transformation Programs
Integrative Aesthetics, Peels & Skin HIIT­­™ Programs
& Integrative Massage for Treatment & Stress Relief

Our Integrative Wellness Services feature our Medical Grade Infrared BodyWraps -- which are primarily used for pain relief, metabolic support, and detoxification, as well as inch loss; 633nm Red Light Therapy -- which has been helping our clients with recovering from anosmia (loss of smell) and ageusia (loss of taste), and also enhances anti-aging; iTeraCare Lightwave Cell Therapy; HEALY Individualized Microcurrent and Resonance Treatments and more! 

Integrative Nutrition & Health Coaching is available for anyone that needs it!  Common topics of interest are: General Wellbeing, Metabolic Efficiency, Autoimmune/Chronic Pain, Hashimoto's/Thyroid Issues, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Immune System/Gut Issues, Blood Sugar, Sleep Issues, & Weight Loss/Gain

We also offer Body Contouring, Sculpting, and Fat Loss with our individually tailored programs featuring CryoSkin, Cavitation, and Radiofrequency. We also offer Fit3D Professional Body Scanning for precision assessment and wellness metrics to help aid you in your journey to better health!

Our Integrative Aesthetics, Peels & Skin HIIT™ Programs by Jackie Boone-Morales, LE offers amazing results for those trying to treat and correct skin concerns, including signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and acneic skin.  Choose from our VL Custom Facial, Reiki Facial, or explore our mild to moderate peels, featuring Dr. Schrammek's Green Peel, and now our new Trifecta Treatment -- ideal for darker skin tones!

Our love has always been massage for treatment.  We offer Therapeutic/Medical Massage, Sports Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Myofascial Release, & Craniosacral Therapy.  

Now you can create the beautiful future you’ve envisioned for yourself & others!



Integrative Massage for Treatment & Stress Relief

Explore Massage

Lose Inches  Relieve Pain  Detoxify  

Explore Infrared BodyWraps

Skin Rejuvenation & Light Therapy

Explore Skin Rejuvenation
Professional Therapeutic Massage & Spa Services
  • Formerly an Accredited School of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork with the first Associate Degree Program in Indiana; Vital Living has been a leader in the massage therapy field for 30+ years
  • Multiple Advanced Therapeutic Treatment Approaches for Individualized Care
  • Treatment for All Ages – Pediatrics thru Geriatrics
  • Extensively Trained & Experienced Staff: Up to 30 years Massage Therapy Experience
  • Licensed Massage Therapists  *  Nurse Massage Therapists  *  Former Massage School Instructors
  • Licensed Esthetician – 25 years of experience
  • Leader in Professional Therapeutic Care, Stress Reduction/Wellness for over 30 years
  • Aesthetic Services for 15 years
  • Appointments are available Monday through Saturday to fit busy lifestyles
  • Exceptional Referral Policy – Client Appreciation
  • Exceptional Customer Service

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