• Body Contouring
    • Cryoskin Technician
    • Zemits Esthetic Expert
  • Light Therapeutics Specialist
  • Certified Fit3D Coach
  • Office & Spa Manager


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop," - Confucius

Amber's dedication to enhancing the well-being of others goes above and beyond to nurture a space where clients feel cared for and valued.

Amber joined Vital Living in 2016, bringing with her a diverse background in physical fitness and wellness. She has a history of teaching yoga and Pilates and was a certified Zumba instructor, demonstrating her passion for health and fitness. Over the years, Amber has expanded her expertise, acquiring certifications as a Body Contouring expert, a Cryoskin Technician, a Zemits Esthetic Expert, a Light Therapeutics Specialist, and a Certified Fit3D Coach. These qualifications reflect her commitment to staying at the forefront of wellness and body transformation technologies.

At Vital Living, Amber is more than just a staff member; she is a cornerstone of the client experience. She takes pride in her ability to connect with clients, ensuring their journey at the clinic is personalized and fulfilling. From matching clients with the perfect massage therapist to sitting down with them to discuss their goals and how our clinic can help with various wellness goals,

Her expertise as a Body Transformation Specialist shines through in her role as the lead Cryoskin and Body Transformation Specialist on site. She has an exceptional ability to guide clients through their transformation journeys, offering both technical skill and compassionate support.

Amber's philosophy, inspired by Confucius - "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop," resonates with her approach to client care. She understands that wellness is a journey and encourages clients to take it at their own pace, providing support and guidance every step of the way.

Her warm and welcoming demeanor is well-known among clients, who see her as a smiling, reassuring presence at Vital Living. Amber’s contribution to the team is invaluable, and her passion for helping others feel and look their best is evident in every interaction.

For those looking to embark on a wellness journey at Vital Living, scheduling a consultation with Amber is a step towards achieving personal health and beauty goals. Her experience, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction make her an integral part of the Vital Living experience.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


(Infrared BodyWrap) I loved everything about my visit. Amber was so kind and helpful. Coming into a new place, with a new experience, can be intimidating but I immediately felt at ease. The room I was in was comfortable and being able to watch TV while "wrapped" up was a lovely distraction. It was the perfect ending to my Friday/week! I was told all about the benefits of my treatment as well as the referral process, and I am planning to buy my sister a gift certificate for Christmas. Also, I have rescheduled myself for another infrared session! The price point is very reasonable and I look forward to my next treatment.

To add to this, the infrared treatment itself was not only therapeutic, it was healing. I was originally most excited about this being a weight loss opportunity, but as an added bonus, I had been having some very uncomfortable low back pain from a gym strain, and just general sore muscles. The next day following my treatment, I woke up with absolutely no muscle/joint/back pain! I felt great!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience!


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