Clinic Etiquette + FAQs

Spa Etiquette
Is this the first visit to our clinic?

The following will help us provide you with the best experience possible: 

Tips to Help Us Help You
1. We strongly encourage you to Create an Account on our website:

If you ever need to check your appointments, Create an Account using the exact Name, Email & Mobile number you have provided us.  This will sync your data and you will have full access to all your appointment dates, including scheduling online and canceling appointments.  Note:  If there is a deviation in your name, email or mobile number, these accounts will not sync.  Feel free to call (260) 436-8807 if this happens and a friendly staff member can merge the two together.

2. Return completed Client Paperwork forms 24 hours BEFORE your appointment.

With your appointment scheduled, you should be receiving an email with our location and your appointment information.  Please complete the attached paperwork and send it back to


3. CLICK the link in your confirmation text, do not reply to it.

Very often, we will get responses such as Confirm (C), Yes (Y), or the enthusiastic "I'll be there!"  While we appreciate the communication, it still means we need to confirm your appointment manually.  If you click on the confirmation link and follow the prompts it automatically marks you as coming to your appointment.

Clinic Etiquette 101

Plan to arrive early.

New Clients should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Existing Clients should arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so they can start their session at the scheduled time.

If you are running behind, let us know.  We understand that late arrivals happen.  However, this interferes with the duration of your appointment.  Please allow plenty of time so you don't feel rushed for your much-needed appointment with us.


If you cannot make it to your appointment for any reason:
  1. Send someone in your stead.  Have a backup person if you are questioning whether or not you can make it to an appointment.  (BEST OPTION!)

  2. Reschedule/Cancel Your Appointment:  To move/cancel, you MUST CALL (260) 436-8807 and leave a message MORE THAN 24 hours advance notice to your reserved appointment time to avoid paying the full value of your scheduled service.

  3. No Call/No Shows:  If we have not gotten a PHONE CALL MORE THAN 24 hours in advance notifying us of your intention not to come to your appointment, you are still responsible for paying 100% of the appointment value.

  4. Notifying Our Office (<24 Hours):  Schedule changes with LESS THAN 24-hour notice require a PHONE CALL to our office.  It is not acceptable to send us a text or email.  While texts and emails are convenient to send, it is best to speak to an employee or call and leave a message for the Front Office. Our voicemail is a centralized place for us to look for priority information so you don't incur unnecessary charges.


    Fees for Reschedules & Cancellations, Based on Time of Advance Notice

    Single/Individual appointment services:  require at least 24 hours notice.




    MORE THAN the MINIMUM 24 hour advance notice

    No Fee
    No Fee

    LESS THAN the MINIMUM 24 hour advance notice, but PRIOR to the appointment

    100% Full-Price Rescheduling Fee
    100% Full-Price Cancellation Fee

    AT or AFTER Appointment Time

    (this is considered a No Call/No Show)

    100% Full-Price Service Fee
    100% Full-Price Service Fee

I'm sick TWO (2) days before my appointment, but I want to try to make it. What are my options?

If you are sick within 48 hours of your appointment it is still your responsibility to notify us.  Very often, it takes people a few extra days to recuperate. 

  1. If you have a fever < 48 hours of your appointment, it is your responsibility to either reschedule or cancel.

  2. If you do NOT have a fever, we recommend that you first see if you can find a backup to attend your appointment in the event you are unable to.  If you are unable to secure one, we recommend rescheduling or cancelling your appointment.

Do I really need to notify my therapist of any health or medication changes?

Yes.  Changes in your health history such as surgeries, conditions, diagnoses, and current medication lists can affect what techniques and products we utilize during your session and ultimately have an effect on the purpose of our treatment plans.  As a practitioner, being informed of health history changes is very important.

Do you do couples massage?

No. We do not.  On occasion, we are able to accommodate two people at the same time, but never in the same room.  Our treatments consist of one-on-one therapy sessions customized for you.

Do I really need to secure my appointment with a card?

Yes, all appointments are secured using a credit card.  This is because we are securing a practitioner & room specifically for you.  Securing your spot with a credit card number reserves that appointment time and ensures that time is not going to be given to someone else.

Gratuity:  How much should I give?

This is a question we get a lot at checkout.  Of course, gratuity is optional.  However, the average person receiving services statistically tips around 20% of their service value.

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