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Reflexology – Feet Or Hands 


The feet and hands have specific areas which, when stimulated, reflexively affect the function of various organs and areas of the body encouraging the body to heal itself, hence the term Reflexology. Reflexology concentrates on applying specialized thumb and finger pressure to the feet (or hands) with an amazing ability to relieve tension, stress and chronic pain as well as harmonize all bodily systems. It’s way more than just a “treat for your feet”! Keep Reflexology in mind during pregnancy; if you’re on your feet a lot; or are self-conscious about your body.

Dynamic Duo 

A full Foot Reflexology treatment plus 15 minutes of Massage. The best of both worlds!

Dynamic Trio 

Heavenly! 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology plus 30 minutes of Hand Reflexology plus 30 minutes of Massage all wrapped up in a glorious 1 ½ hour session!

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