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APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS  If you are interested in learning more information about our open positions or would like to submit a resume, please email


Over 30 Years of Experience!   |   Voted Fort Wayne’s BEST for 14 Years Straight!

WORK WITH A LOCAL LEADER  Established in Fort Wayne 30+ years ago, Vital Living has always been at the forefront as a leading health pioneer bringing time-tested health and treatment modalities to Fort Wayne and the region.

Vital Living has received multiple awards, including Fort Wayne Newspapers, Readers’ Choice Award for 14 years and counting!

Deeply rooted in education, Vital Living -- formerly known as the Center for Vital Living (CVL) School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork -- earned the honor of becoming the first massage school in Indiana to be approved for an Associate Degree program in Massage Therapy. As a trailblazer for the massage industry, CVL was also recognized and recruited as a consultant to design the first hospital-based “Wellness Oasis” at St. Joseph Medical Center in Fort Wayne, IN; In April 2007, Vital Living Therapeutic Massage, LLC was created as CVL and its formal education program phased out, leaving the standalone clinic. As massage therapy services expanded and more Integrative Wellness services were added, the name was changed to Vital Living WellSpa and now to Vital Living Integrative WellSpa (VLIWS) to better reflect the variety of services being offered. 

OPPORTUNITIES FOR MASSAGE THERAPISTS   Our local, nurse-owned clinic is diligently building an environment that promotes personal and professional growth while providing innovative complementary health services and alternative therapies to our community. VLW is interested in multiple candidates interested in our contracted massage therapy positions at our clinic located in SW Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Our clinic values the individual skillset and unique style of work each therapist contributes to Vital Living.  We are open to both experienced professionals and newly licensed massage therapists -- especially those that value continuing education and diverse, therapeutic modalities. Our clientele values specialties, including Myofascial Release, Lymph Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Prenatal & Oncology Massage.

IDEAL CANDIDATES  Our VLW Team values the Human Connection.  We have a very heart-centered approach to helping clients and are looking for individuals that feel their calling in life is to help others.  Our strongest candidates will have the following qualities:





Available to work Saturdays

REQUIREMENTS  Must be Certified/Licensed in the State of Indiana; 

WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER  The Vital Living Difference is about sharing knowledge, growing together, and bringing our clients Joy & Healing through Massage Therapy.  We are looking for those that want to grow with us and be a part of something bigger.  Benefits of being a VLIWS Therapist include:

   * Co-treating with seasoned therapists using advanced techniques  --  Ability to observe, experience & learn a wealth of different techniques and modalities in a hands-on environment

   * Enhancing usable knowledge and critical thinking skills by assessment and evaluation  --  Work smarter, not harder; Brush up on your evaluation and assessment skills and discover practical applications and how they can help amplify your treatment techniques

   * Working on clients with a wide spectrum of health issues  --  Enjoy referrals from physicians and other healthcare professionals as you build your reputation, niche, and business

   * Freedom to design your own Therapist Exclusives  --  Never get bored by doing the same "cookie-cutter" massage.  Create your own specialty services where you feel there is a need; Complete with guidance with pricing and assistance with marketing

   * Support as an Independent Contractor & Massage Therapist  --   Learn about tax deductions; Explore useful tools to grow professional knowledge and keep track of expenses

   * Support from a Professional Community  --   Be part of a holistic massage clinic family who helps to teach you and build you up to become the best version of yourself; We love the energy that laughter brings to our clinic and do our best to provide sound guidance and support in your professional career when you need it the most.

   * Option to enroll in Voluntary Short-Term Disability Insurance (Coming Soon!)  --  Covers illness, injury, surgery, maternity leave, and pregnancy complications. Maternity leave is covered nine months after the policy effective date 

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS  If you are interested in learning more information about our open positions or would like to submit a resume, please email

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