Massage Therapist Exclusives

Written by Stephanie Florin

Signature Headache Relief 
CranioSacral + Myofascial Release + Therapeutic Massage

Reduces Headaches & Migraines  *  Pain Relief

Boosts Serotonin * Clinically Reduces Stress Hormones * Relieves Sinus Pressure   




60-Minutes ~ $90  |  Now $85      90-Minutes ~ $120  |  Now $110

This package targets the common culprits of migraines and headaches using gentle CranioSacral, myofascial release and therapeutic massage of head, face, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. Yes, abdomen! Low levels of serotonin, produced in the brain and intestines, have been linked to migraine headaches in addition to triggers such as stress and muscle tightness.   Includes orange essential oil aromatherapy and hot packs. Therapist: Megan

Signature 'Tiptop' Package 
CranioSacral + Myofascial Release + Reflexology + Biomechanics

Full Body Balance  *  Pain Relief * Deeper Relaxation



90-Minutes ~ $115  |  Now $105      120-Minutes ~ $150  |  Now $135

A powerful and relaxing combination of craniosacral, myofascial release, reflexology, and biomechanics will help you feel better from the ‘tips’ of your toes to the ‘top’ of your head. Perfect for addressing conditions such as migraines, allergies, neck pain, sore feet, and plantar fasciitis. Session includes hot towels, heat packs, lavender aromatherapy, and option of remaining fully clothed. Therapist: Chelsey

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