PLEASE READ: New Policies in Response to COVID-19

By Janet


Mon:  10a - 8p  |  Tue:  10a - 8p

Wed:  10a - 8p  |  Thur:  10a - 8p

Fri:  10a - 6p  |  Sat:  10a - 5p

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As you can imagine we are working diligently to preserve the health of both staff and clients. As a community, we will continue to weather this pandemic together.  This means that our processes may change over time and require flexibility as we navigate the twists and turns that Covid-19 throws at us.  We are grateful for your understanding, especially when we're short-staffed and hours are inconvenient.


Here are a few changes you can expect:

1) More questions. We may ask you if you have had any symptoms of COVID-19 or potential contact with someone suspected of or diagnosed with, COVID-19.  

2) Masks are not required at this time.  You or your therapist may wear one at your discretion.

2) Cancellations & Reschedules. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness PLEASE STAY HOME!  Please be respectful to both our staff and other clients' health and DO NOT COME IN. Call us as soon as you know and we will make arrangements for your appointment to be rescheduled.

3) Stay in Your Car.  We find it has worked really well for distancing to call us from your car upon your arrival.  Your service provider will personally greet you when they are ready for you. Only clients with appointments or customers purchasing retail/gift certificates will be in the building.

For Gift Card purchases, call from the parking lot and we'll greet you to come inside or provide curbside pickup.

For retail purchases, call upon your arrival.  If you would prefer not to come inside, curbside pickup is also available for retail purchases.

3) Scheduling Your Next Appointment.  At this time, to promote distancing at the Front Desk, your therapist will reschedule you after your session; we can certainly help you over the phone, or you can schedule through our website –  -- which is accessible 24/7.

4) Paying for Your Appointment. We will keep your Credit Card on file, but you may use any form of payment, including your HSA. 

5) Hours of Operation. Bear with us as our business hours vary depending upon which massage therapists are here and their hours.  We are in the process of hiring so send possible leads our way.  NOTE that our front office hours are not as long as therapist's appointment hours.  

MONDAY:  10a - 8p  |  TUESDAY:  10a - 8p

WEDNESDAY:  10a - 8p  |  THURSDAY:  10a - 8p   

FRIDAY:  10a - 6p  |  SATURDAY:  10a - 5p   

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9) Enhanced Disinfection.  We use a minimum of three (3) types of germicidal cleansers.  All are medical grade.  MPale is a spray that we spray on all high-touch surfaces monthly.  It is an electrostatic type of disinfectant that kills COVID-19 and a multitude of pathogens for up to 30 days.  Microban is a powerful disinfectant that kills COVID-19 and other pathogens for 24 hours and is used on multiple surfaces between clients or at the end of the day.  PDI Super Sani-Cloth Wipes, another powerful disinfectant, kills COVID-19 and a host of other pathogens within two (2) minutes and are used to wipe down surfaces between clients.  In addition, Proprietary Essential Oil Room Sprays are sprayed at intervals throughout the day.  Along with wearing masks, we strive to maintain a healthy environment for all of our staff, clients, and customers.   

We will do our best to provide future updates via email. 


With Joy & Gratitude,

Janet Carroll

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