What Moms Do vs. What They Think

Laughter is the Best Medicine

As Mother's Day nears, it's the perfect time to shine a light on the real MVPs of our daily lives—moms. These unsung heroes keep our worlds spinning, often wielding a secret superpower: managing life's chaos with a seemingly effortless smile. As a working mom with two young boys, every day feels like a surprise party that I didn't plan. From figuring out whether it's spaghetti night or whether Minion bandaids are still cool, life is a constant juggle of kids, possibly a spouse, and everything in between.

But have you ever paused to wonder what's actually going through Mom's mind as she juggles all this—from playdates to laundry Everest?

After asking a few moms, I thought it would be hilariously worthwhile to peel back the curtain and show what people think moms do versus what we're actually thinking while we do it. It's a little peek into our world—where chaos meets comedy. Let’s dive into the humorous reality behind the superhero facade, and I hope you get a good laugh and maybe see the superhero in every mom you know.

What Moms Do vs. What They Think

Making Sure I Have My Car Keys
What We See: Mom’s quick save on the car keys.
What Mom Thinks: "Thank goodness for GPS. Let's see if they figure out how I always know where they are."

Cooking a Family Dinner
What We See: A meal that brings everyone together.
What Mom Thinks: "If nothing burns and the smoke alarm stays off, it's a win."

Taking You to a Restaurant
What We See: A nice family outing.
What Mom Thinks: "Adulting is hard, I'm ordering dessert first."

Helping with Homework
What We See: Educational bonding time.
What Mom Thinks: "What happened to long division, and what are these boxes?"

Arranging Playdates
What We See: Fun and games for the kids.
What Mom Thinks: "Secretly hoping for adult supervision... for me."

Daily Morning Cheer
What We See: Bright and bubbly enthusiasm.
What Mom Thinks: "Instant person, just add coffee."

Washing Endless Loads of Laundry
What We See: Clean clothes magically reappear in drawers.
What Mom Thinks: "Next time, I'm throwing in a red sock on purpose."

Listening to Long Stories About Cartoons
What We See: Patient listening.
What Mom Thinks: "Smile and nod, and no one will know you lost track at 'Once upon a time...'"

Weekend Family Outings
What We See:  Well-organized adventures and fun for everyone.
What Mom Thinks: "I could have a second career in logistics or, better yet, as a cat herder."

Keeping Everyone's Schedules
What We See: Seamless coordination.
What Mom Thinks: "I could run a small country with these organizational skills."

Pretending to Be a Morning Person
What We See: A bright and cheerful good morning.
What Mom Thinks: "If I keep smiling, they might not notice I'm not awake yet."

Choosing School Outfits
What We See: Well-dressed children ready for school.
What Mom Thinks: "Let's aim for less than three outfit changes this morning. Fingers crossed!"

Fixing Toys
What We See: The magical restoration of a broken toy.
What Mom Thinks: "If I can't fix this with duct tape or superglue, it's truly beyond repair."

Reading Bedtime Stories
What We See: Enthralling storytelling that lulls children to sleep.
What Mom Thinks: "If I skip a few pages, will they notice? Let’s find out."

Navigating Bedtime Negotiations
What We See: Settling the kids into bed after brushing teeth.
What Mom Thinks: "It's like negotiating with tiny, stubborn diplomats."

Planning Healthy Meals
What We See: A variety of nutritious meals planned for the week.
What Mom Thinks: "How many ways can I disguise vegetables before they catch on?"

Keeping Peace Among Siblings
What We See: Harmonious play and shared toys.
What Mom Thinks: "Refereeing these squabbles should qualify me for the UN."

Maintaining Family Calendars
What We See: All appointments, practices, and events perfectly scheduled.
What Mom Thinks: "My brain has too many tabs open, and I can’t find the one that’s playing the sound."

Finding 'Lost' Items
What We See: The miraculous recovery of items deemed lost forever.
What Mom Thinks: "I should start charging a finder’s fee for this service."

Surviving Grocery Shopping with Kids
What We See: Efficiently stocking up on household essentials.
What Mom Thinks: "This is not a shopping trip; it’s a survival challenge."

Choosing Healthy Snacks
What We See: Nutritious, balanced snacks for the kids.
What Mom Thinks: "How many days in a row is too many for apple slices and peanut butter?"

Navigating Grocery Store Aisles
What We See: Efficient shopping.
What Mom Thinks: "This is my cardio for the day. If we make it out in under an hour, it’s a new record."

Creating Pinterest-Worthy Crafts
What We See: Creative, fun projects with the kids.
What Mom Thinks: "Let’s see if we can make this without getting glitter in every crevice of the house."

Scheduling Doctor’s Appointments
What We See: Proactive healthcare management.
What Mom Thinks: "Why do these appointments always run late when I’ve packed snacks, toys, and my will to live?"

Attending School Functions
What We See: Supportive presence at school events.
What Mom Thinks: "Smiling and waving, but really planning dinner in my head."

Dealing with Public Tantrums
What We See: Calm, composed conflict resolution.
What Mom Thinks: "If I can negotiate this meltdown, I can diplomatically resolve global conflicts."

Setting Up Play Areas
What We See: A safe, fun space for kids to enjoy.
What Mom Thinks: "How long before all these toys end up in the living room again?"

Monitoring Screen Time
What We See: Keeping digital habits healthy.
What Mom Thinks: "Let's call this educational screen time... they're learning how animals talk, right?"

Preparing for Bedtime
What We See: A soothing routine to wind down the day.
What Mom Thinks: "Just one more story, they said. It’s been three stories and five water trips later."

Managing Playdates
What We See: Socializing and fun for the kids.
What Mom Thinks: "Please, other parents, stay for coffee. I need adult conversation."

Responding to Endless 'Why?' Questions
What We See: Patient explanations about the world.
What Mom Thinks: "I’m either raising a scientist or a lawyer with all these questions."

Packing for Family Trips
What We See: Everything the family needs neatly packed.
What Mom Thinks: "Did I pack enough? Maybe I should throw in another suitcase to be safe."

Each of these moments offers a glimpse into the superpowers moms wield daily, often accompanied by a mental script that’s as endearing as it is entertaining. Here’s to the moms who make it look easy and keep us laughing all the way!

To all the remarkable moms who navigate daily life with a grace that makes it all seem easy, your secret thoughts are not only relatable but also deeply appreciated. From figuring out last-minute meals to managing the great mystery of disappearing socks, we do it all with a smile (mostly because crying would take too long).

This Mother's Day, and every day, we celebrate not just what we do, but the laughter and love we bring to even the most mundane tasks. So here’s to us, the queens of multitasking and makers of the best out of every mess. Thank you for turning everyday chaos into cherished memories and finding the humor along the way.

Happy Mother's Day 2024!

Thank you so much for reading!


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