Massage Clinic *BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS - COMMON SENSE: Olfactory Restoration Package (5 Sessions, SAVE $130) at Vital Living Integrative WellSpa

COMMON SENSE: Olfactory Restoration Package (5 Sessions, SAVE $130)


This treatment has been over 95% successful in helping our VL clients regain smell & taste post-COVID!

This package includes FIVE (5) 20-Minute Sessions of 633nm Red Light Therapy ($425 Value).


Are you experiencing the following?

Anosmia / Hyposmia
Loss or reduced ability of sense of smell

Ageusia / Hypogeusia:
Loss or reduced ability of sense of taste sweet, sour, bitter, or salty things

While this package has many benefits, this has been designed as a giftable package for those that have experienced the loss or reduced ability to taste and smell since 2020.  This package may not be split between people, as it usually takes 3-5 sessions for clients to be satisfied with the results.

After 3-5 sessions, 99% of our clients describe that "over 90% of their sense of smell and taste has returned." 

While our success rate is very high, please keep in mind that there are no guarantees with this non-invasive modality, as the effect of red- & infrared light on olfactory restoration and reeducation are still yet in the infantile stages of discovery.  We are simply reporting the numbers we have experienced with our clients.

PLEASE NOTE:  This green-friendly, non-invasive modality is very safe in healthy populations.  However, if you have experienced photosensitivity due to metabolic disorders such as porphyria and other light-induced rashes, Lupus Erythematosis, or Albinism, etc, this modality may not be good fit. 

Please call our office at (260) 436-8807 to schedule a Red Light Therapy Consult & Appointment, or simply fill out the following forms and email the completed forms to our Spa Coordinators at


LED Photo-Facial Client Release/Consent Form

LED Photo-Facial Client Consultation Form


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