Health Is Wealth - GOLD Package

Price: $2,225.00

Go Green with our Eco-Friendly, Non-Invasive Contouring Technologies

Experience the best version of yourself: Embrace YOU!

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings! 

Celebrate your fresh start with one of our 'Health is Wealth' packages designed with your vitality and wellness in mind.

Whether you are just starting out on your health journey, need a boost in the right direction, or are a seasoned health guru, our programs have something for everyone. 

Our fusion of VL Infrared Body Wraps and Deluxe Body Sculpting Services is a perfect harmony for looking good and feeling good! 

Plus, our Infrared Body Wraps are especially great for those suffering from autoimmune, and chronic fatigue, and according to our clients, help alleviate issues they associate with long-covid! :-)

We're here to be your resource, your cheerleader, and your guide on your health journey. ~ Vital Living

EARLY BIRD: Save an additional $100 when you purchase before Saturday, April 22nd!


“I love the Infrared BodyWraps! I changed my diet to a healthy eating lifestyle & I started getting the wraps regularly. In 9 months I lost 72 lbs & 7 sizes! I have a lot more energy, I feel better about myself & my back pain is gone. Last year, I needed wheelchair assistance to make my connecting flights in Atlanta. I couldn’t stand longer than 10 minutes at a time due to low back & sciatic pain let alone walk a long distance. This year I’ve been working 5 hours at a time on my landscape at home! What a difference! I’m proof positive that the Infrared BodyWraps do work. I also find the wraps are a tremendous stress reliever (relaxing plus free attitude adjustment!). Not only do they benefit me but everyone around me!”  J.C.

Check out our 'Health is Wealth' Series

Select which one is right for you!


Great for those who need a jump start to better health.


Two (2) Deluxe Body Sculpting Sessions
Ten (10) Medical-Grade Infrared Body Wraps

For those who want to boost vitality, restore resiliency & love the skin they're in.


Three (3) Deluxe Body Sculpting Sessions
Ten (10) Medical-Grade Infrared Body Wraps

PLATINUM  (Best value)
For those who want to tone up or slim down.  Boost energy & reduce pain levels.


Six (6) Deluxe Body Sculpting Sessions
Ten (10) Medical-Grade Infrared Body Wraps
+ BONUS CryoFacial


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We'd love to hear from you! :-)

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