NEW CLIENTS: Please Click on the appropriate forms highlighted below & follow instructions. 

#8) LED Client Consultation Form

#9) Integrative Nutrition History Form

#10) Integrative Nutrition Goals Form

#11) Green Peel Questionnaire

#12) Green Peel Do's and Don'ts 

Please email the completed forms back to  Thank YOU.

How do I get started?

(Paperwork for FIR Body Wrap/Body Slimming Clients)

Step 1) Fill out the paperwork below and email it back to us!
Send completed paperwork to
Subject:  Attn: Amber - Client Paperwork
Body Sculpting Health Intake (Pages 1-2), Body Sculpting Consultation, Appointment Cancellation Policy (if you haven't signed one in-house)

  • Body Sculpting Health Intake  |  Page 1  |  Page 2
    A health intake that is more tailored to our body sculpting and infrared services. Please make sure you fill out both forms! (Front & Back)
    • Body Sculpting Consultation  |  Page 1
      A few questions to help us understand your goals better.
    • 2023 Appointment Cancellation Policy  |  Page 1
      The most up-to-date explanation of our Cancellation Policy. This only needs to be filled out if you haven't updated your client paperwork this year.

Step 2)  Give our office a call!
We would love to answer any questions you have and go over your paperwork with you!

COVID-19 Hours

 Please Note: We are still observing shortened hours and are currently by appointment only.  Feel free to schedule online, or otherwise call (260) 436-8807 for same-day availability.  Thank You!

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