•   Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
  •   PLA#: MT21505586
  •   National Provider Identifier (NPI) #: 1881386159
  •   Availability: Tuesdays AM/PM and Every Saturday
  •   Individual Holistic & Therapeutic Massage:  Integrated Therapeutic Massage, Cupping Therapy

"Working with others towards their wellness is rewarding and I enjoy providing supportive massage services for those on their health journey," ~ Ursula

Ursula, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Vital Living since May 2023, is a dedicated professional in the field of therapeutic massage, bringing a unique and holistic approach to her practice. Her journey as an LMT began in Indiana in 2015, following her graduation from Ivy Tech. Since then, Ursula has honed her skills and developed a specialization in integrated therapeutic massage and cupping therapy.

Ursula's expertise lies in her ability to provide detailed, targeted work that caters to individuals who prefer less invasive muscle work. She is adept at avoiding unnecessary soreness while still delivering effective treatment. Her approach is particularly beneficial for clients who seek a gentle yet impactful method of muscle relaxation and healing.

One of Ursula's key strengths is her specialization in treating soft tissue with techniques that harmonize with the body’s natural healing processes. She excels in creating a therapeutic space where clients can relax fully, allowing their muscles to unwind naturally. This approach facilitates the body's ability to process trauma through a psycho-somatic response, making her sessions not just physically beneficial but also emotionally therapeutic.

Ursula is available for appointments on Tuesdays (both AM and PM) and every Saturday, ensuring flexibility for her clients' schedules. She holds a National Provider Identifier (NPI), affirming her professional status and commitment to quality care in the wellness industry.

Her philosophy, “Working with others towards their wellness is rewarding, and I enjoy providing supportive massage services for those on their health journey,” encapsulates her dedication to her clients' well-being. Ursula’s passion for aiding others on their health journey is evident in her attentive and personalized care. Her ability to provide a supportive environment helps her clients feel at ease and contributes significantly to their overall wellness experience.

Ursula's contribution to Vital Living is not just through her skilled hands but also through her understanding and empathetic approach to client care. Her expertise in therapeutic massage makes her a valuable asset to the Vital Living team and a cherished healer for her clients.

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Very professional and accommodating!! Thank you!!


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