Couples Massage

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New Clients - $10 off 1st service of 1 hour or more  (*Some Exclusions Apply*)
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*ALL Couples Massage*


      •   Separate Rooms ONLY    1 hr $150           1.5 hr $200          2 hr $270

      •   Couples Same Room (Sedona)          1 hr  $180       1.5 hr  $220   CANNOT do SAME ROOM due to COVID

Couples Massage is perfect not only for partners but also for moms and daughters or best friends; it's a great way to relax and spend quality time.  VLW offers several different experiences for couples. Some people like to come together but have their own experience (separate rooms).  For instance, one person prefers Therapeutic Massage rather than Relaxation Massage or one partner prefers talking while the other prefers quiet. You get the treatment you prefer and can have fun sharing your experiences afterward. 

Same Room UNAVAILABLE at this time due to COVID 

When things get back to normal and you prefer to be in the same room, the Sedona Room is specially dedicated to Couples' Relaxation Massage.  If you prefer a more romantic experience, we have our Hearts on Fire Spa Package in the Sedona Room or choose the Light Room with a romantic fireplace. Spa Packages are provided to you at discounted prices and are available all year round.  Chocolates are included with both Hearts on Fire Packages!

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