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 If you would like assistance scheduling one of the following packages or treatments, please call us at (260) 436-8807.  We would love to hear from you!

 Signature Serenity Package 
Hot Stone Massage + Cold Stone Treatment + Foot Scrub

Soothes Sore, Tired Muscles   ♦  Relieves Painful Muscle Cramps & Spasms

Melts Away Stress   ♦  Renews Circulation  ♦  Fortifies Vitality

Increases Energy Levels & Improves Mood  ♦  Promotes Deep Restful Sleep Patterns


120-Minutes ~ $200  |  Now $180

A Timeless Fusion of Hot & Cold Stone Therapy with Exfoliating Foot Treatment. Includes 90-Minutes of Volcanic Hot Stone Massage to Soothe Muscle Tension & 30-Minute Treatment featuring Cold Stone Therapy & Restorative Foot Scrub.  Therapist: Brian 

Signature Optimal Performance

Deep Tissue + Trigger Point Release + Cryotherapy

Promotes Flexibility  ♦  Reduces Fatigue  ♦  Improves Endurance

Improves Athletic Performance  ♦  Speeds Injury Recovery

60-Minutes ~ $95  |  90-Minutes ~ $120 
60-Minutes ~ $85  |  90-Minutes ~ $110


Great for Repetitive Use Injuries, Stubborn Muscle Tension & Improving Performance

Includes a Hot Compress, Cryotherapy Application & Compression Stretching

Crafted into 60 -or- 90-Minutes of Integrated Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Release

Therapist: Brian 


Signature Headache Relief 
CranioSacral + Myofascial Release + Therapeutic Massage

Reduces Headaches & Migraines  ♦  Pain Relief

Boosts Serotonin ♦ Clinically Reduces Stress Hormones  Relieves Sinus Pressure   




60-Minutes ~ $90  |  Now $85      90-Minutes ~ $120  |  Now $110

This package targets the common culprits of migraines and headaches using gentle CranioSacral, myofascial release and therapeutic massage of head, face, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. Yes, abdomen! Low levels of serotonin, produced in the brain and intestines, have been linked to migraine headaches in addition to triggers such as stress and muscle tightness.   Includes orange essential oil aromatherapy and hot packs. Therapist: Megan

 Signature Sanctuary I & II, Healing Session 
Reiki + Energy Chelation + CranioSacral

Melts Away Stress   ♦  Renews Energetic Circulation  ♦  Clears Energetic Blockages

Increases Energy Levels & Improves Mood  ♦  Promotes Deep Restful Sleep Patterns


Sanctuary I, 60-Minutes ~ $130  |  Now $125      Sanctuary II, 90-Minutes ~ $155  |  Now $150

Sanctuary I harmonizes Energy Work with an overlay of CranioSacral.  Includes aromatherapy, hot packs, hot stones, & hot towels. Sanctuary II includes everything in Sanctuary I, plus extra time for energy work as well as 15-minutes of quiet time with Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Therapist: Stephanie

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