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 If you would like assistance scheduling one of the following packages or treatments, please call us at (260) 436-8807.  We would love to hear from you!

 Signature Serenity Package 
Hot Stone Massage + Cold Stone Treatment + Foot Scrub

Soothes Sore, Tired Muscles   ♦  Relieves Painful Muscle Cramps & Spasms

Melts Away Stress   ♦  Renews Circulation  ♦  Fortifies Vitality

Increases Energy Levels & Improves Mood  ♦  Promotes Deep Restful Sleep Patterns


 120-Minutes ~ $200  |  Now $180

A Timeless Fusion of Hot & Cold Stone Therapy with Exfoliating Foot Treatment. Includes 90-Minutes of Volcanic Hot Stone Massage to Soothe Muscle Tension & 30-Minute Treatment featuring Cold Stone Therapy & Restorative Foot Scrub.  Therapist: Brian 

Signature Optimal Performance

Deep Tissue + Trigger Point Release + Cryotherapy

Promotes Flexibility  ♦  Reduces Fatigue  ♦  Improves Endurance

Improves Athletic Performance  ♦  Speeds Injury Recovery

60-Minutes ~ $95  |  90-Minutes ~ $120 
60-Minutes ~ $85  |  90-Minutes ~ $110


Great for Repetitive Use Injuries, Stubborn Muscle Tension & Improving Performance

Includes a Hot Compress, Cryotherapy Application & Compression Stretching

Crafted into 60 -or- 90-Minutes of Integrated Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Release


 Signature Sanctuary I & II, Healing Session 
Reiki + Energy Chelation + CranioSacral

Melts Away Stress   ♦  Renews Energetic Circulation  ♦  Clears Energetic Blockages

Increases Energy Levels & Improves Mood  ♦  Promotes Deep Restful Sleep Patterns


 Sanctuary I, 60-Minutes ~ $130  |  Now $125      Sanctuary II, 90-Minutes ~ $155  |  Now $150

Sanctuary I harmonizes Energy Work with an overlay of CranioSacral.  Includes aromatherapy, hot packs, hot stones, & hot towels. Sanctuary II includes everything in Sanctuary I, plus extra time for energy work as well as 15-minutes of quiet time with Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Therapist: Stephanie

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