• Cryoskin Technician
  • Light Therapeutics Specialist
  • Certified Fit3D Coach
  • Body Transformation Specialist
  • Client Service Specialist


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop," - Confucius

Amber has been an amazing part of our team for years and many of you know her as another smiling face that greets you.  She now is our lead Cryoskin and Body Transformation Specialist on site!

Be sure to schedule your consultation with her today!

5 Star Rating


(Infrared BodyWrap) I loved everything about my visit. Amber was so kind and helpful. Coming into a new place, with a new experience, can be intimidating but I immediately felt at ease. The room I was in was comfortable and being able to watch TV while "wrapped" up was a lovely distraction. It was the perfect ending to my Friday/week! I was told all about the benefits of my treatment as well as the referral process, and I am planning to buy my sister a gift certificate for Christmas. Also, I have rescheduled myself for another infrared session! The price point is very reasonable and I look forward to my next treatment.

To add to this, the infrared treatment itself was not only therapeutic, it was healing. I was originally most excited about this being a weight loss opportunity, but as an added bonus, I had been having some very uncomfortable low back pain from a gym strain, and just general sore muscles. The next day following my treatment, I woke up with absolutely no muscle/joint/back pain! I felt great!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience!


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